Market square Woolworths

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I have been amazed at the number of people visiting the town centre as tourists this summer. They are still snapping away with their cameras on this fine October day. It seems many of the evening visitors are lost as to what to do after photogrphing the church on the square. The closed gates of the George Hotel protect the great historic courtyard from hundredds of tourists every week.
So - what is to become of the empty woolworths store? The store is too big for most small buisnesses and large high street chains are unlikeley to invest at this time. A pound shop seems likely but unfortunate as it will add nothing to our town and will certainly not stimulate shoppers to the area.
Maybe our council should invest in some work to transform this great building into 3 shop fronts which would be attractive to small buisnesses and maybe a much needed european style cafe ( not a strbucks or fast food chain). Many locals also search for an alternative to the standard food available in town even if the George does reasonable nosh.
Imagine what a honey pot a few tables on the market square (open after 5 pm !) would be for tourists and locals who are out strolling.

Any thoughts ?

Martin - town centre resident