is everybody H.A.P.P.Y. ?

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Is anybody in huntingdon annoyed by the councils plans to vastly increase housing in the area without it seems any thought to whether the existing huntingdon ameneties can actually cope. Not withstanding the nightmare which is huntingdons ringroad the town is already gridlocked by cars and people and with the increase in residents will go from bad to worse!

Where are the huge investments the council should be making in local infrastructure?????

Is Anglian water going to increase it's capacity to cope with water etc?? and who is going to pay for it????

The A14 proposals seem to shift the problem sideways - although still leaving a more direct rat run through huntingdon! in times of blockages etc. This leaving some rather juicy pieces of land left to carve up for more housing development and we all know what houses mean (cheeerchingg!)

Would'nt it be nice to hear that a piece of land is being left for nature! and the visual enjoyment of it's residents rather than it being described as scrap land not doing anything - lets build on it!

Good thoughts:

Sustainability, Environment, Our childrens futures, Improving what we have already, Dentists, swimming pools, Sports fields.

Bad thoughts:

Greed, Quotas, Developers, Council Tax Rises, Bored teenagers, the list could go on?

There I've been brave enough to say something! is there anyone else out there who agrees or disagrees?